To create or edit a giving form:

  • As a Giving Manager
  • Go to onMessage.
  • Click Giving under settings.
  • Click on Manage Giving Forms.
  • Go to Add Giving Form or Edit an existing form.
  • Use the following options to create or update the giving form.

Form Properties

  • Description: Enter the name of the form (e.g. Annual Fund Giving Form).
  • Preview URL: Enter the URL for the page on which the giving form appears. When the Preview URL field is populated, a preview link displays next to the giving form when editing it. The preview link will open the page on which the giving form appears.
  • SKU #: If a payment gateway is used, enter a SKU number of your choosing. When a transaction is processed, an invoice number will be sent to the payment gateway. The invoice number will contain the transaction ID for the gift, followed by the SKU number. Some payment gateways have a character limit for the invoice number field; depending on its length, the invoice number could be truncated. 
  • Mail To Information: If you accept checks as a form of payment, enter the address to which donors should send their checks.
  • Gift Matching Instructions: If you use the Gift Matching field, enter any special instructions for the field.
  • Confirmation Text: Enter the text that will display when the donor submits the giving form.
  • Intro Text: Enter the text that will display at the top of the giving form.
  • Recurring Gift Instructions: If you accept recurring gifts, enter any special instructions for the field.
  • Retire this Giving Form: Available only upon editing the giving form. Check this option to retire the giving form if it should no longer be used. You must also remove the giving form from the page. If the form remains on a page, users can still fill it out and submit it, even if it is retired.

Field Display Properties

Each giving form can contain the sections listed below. Within each section, select the fields to include on the form by checking the first checkbox. To make a field required, also check the second checkbox.

The fields can be renamed (for example, the Other Name field can be changed to Nickname). The section headers can also be renamed.

Within each section, the fields can be rearranged using the sort orders.

 Donor Details

 Gift Details

 Recurring Gifts

 Payment Details

 Other Details


Enter the name of each fund that should appear on the giving form (i.e. Annual Fund, Memorial Fund, etc.). At least one fund is required. The field supports up to 255 characters. A fund cannot be deleted after a donation has been made to it. In order to remove a fund, you must delete all previously submitted gifts that are tied to it.

To add Different Gift types/funds to your giving form go to OnMessage>Settings>Giving>Giving Forms>Edit>Funds>Add Fund. This gives constituents the option to select where they want the gift to be distributed.

Payment Gateway

If you are using a payment gateway to process credit card transactions, select the account to use with the form. Payment gateway accounts must first be added in the Credit Card Processing task before they will appear in the dropdown list.