Attendance Managers can record absences for an individual student in the Academic Profile. If the manager records the absences before the student’s scheduled classes, the absences will appear for the teachers when they are taking attendance.

  1. From the persona menu, select Academics.
  2. On the dashboard, search for the student using "People Finder."
  3. Click Attendance.
  4. Select the appropriate school year at the top of the profile.
  5. Click Record Absence.
  6. Enter the dates and times that the student will be absent.
  7. For partial day absences, enter the dates and times of the absence.
  8. For entire day absences, enter the dates but do not enter times.
  9. Select the reason for the absence.
  10. Enter additional comments that will display for the teachers (optional).
  11. Click Save & Add Another or Save & Close.
  12. Use inline editing to update the Reason and Comment fields for any previously recorded absence.