After you create an event registration, move to the “registration items” portion of the event registration. Create a new group by clicking “Add Group” in the upper right corner of the items channel.

When creating the group, check the “required” checkbox.

  • Add a title (choose whether or not to display this Title with the checkbox for “Display Title”). The description can contain the information that a user is either accepting or declining.
  • Save & Exit when done

From the items screen, click on “Add Item” across the title of the newly created group

  • The only fields necessary to mark is the “Title” field along with the radio buttons for both “No fee for this item” and “Do not collect number of items”. DO NOT check the checkbox for “item required”
  • Make the title of the first item an acceptance statement, such as “Accept” or “I accept the...” (A description can be created if you'd like to have a more specific agreement)
  • Save & Exit

Add a second item to this group

  • Follow the same steps above, but make the title of the second item signify the the user declines the agreements
  • Save & Exit

When a user fills out an event registration, they'll need to choose between the two items created. However, it's not possible to not allow a user to submit if they happen to choose the decline option. It will be up to those designated to review registrations to make note of a constituent declining the terms and agreements.