The Admissions Manager can add inquiry sources to track how people are learning about the school.

To add Referral Types:

  1. Navigate to onBoard > Settings > Inquiry Forms
  2. Click Referral Types button
  3. Enter name of the Referral Name (i.e. Phone, Open House, Walk-in, etc.), then click the Add Referral Type link
  4. Drag and drop the Referral Name created into the desired position on the list (Referral Types are listed in the order added unless rearranged)
  5. Use the check mark to indicate if the Referral Name should be kept private
  6. Click Save

To add a candidate’s inquiry source to their candidate profile:

  1. Navigate to onBoard > People Finder
  2. Locate the candidate
  3. On the Record tab of the candidate profile, click Edit Button in the Candidate Information section
  4. From the Inquiry Source dropdown, select the appropriate source
  5. Choose Save