To view a user’s inquiries, select System from the Persona menu. Next:

  • Click Users/Access

  • Select Profile

  • Search for the user with the duplicate inquiry, and select

  • In the upper right corner of the user’s profile click the Admissions Profile link

  • Under Submitted Forms, view the data on the inquiries to determine which is correct/incorrect


To inactivate a duplicate inquiry, select onBoard from the persona menu. Next:

  • Click Process, then click Enroll/Inactivate

  • Check Inactivate, and change the status to Inquiry

  • Locate the incorrect inquiry for your user, and check off Inactivate

  • Select an Inactivation Reason for your Candidate. (Default Inactivation Reason will be used for each candidate listed, who does not have a value selected

  • Review the information to verify it is correct, the Save & Exit. To make a change, use the Back button, or click Cancel to cancel changes.