To process an inquiry:

  • As an Admissions Manager
  • From the persona menu, select onBoard
  • Select Process Inquiry under Process
  • Select the Inquiry form you would like to view/process in filter options
  • Click View to update results


Click the Inquiry link to the right of the candidate to view/edit their Inquiry Detail Information

Click on the Word and PDF icons to download or print the inquiry form data.

On the main Process Inquiries screen, you can use the Radio button to select Candidates to process.

Assign the appropriate Checklist to the candidate, as well as the appropriate Admissions Staff member (optional) to the candidate.

Potential Duplicates will show potential duplicate candidates. You can either select New User to create a new candidate in your database, or select the existing/duplicate candidate's name to merge the records in the database.

You can also create a username for the candidate at this time (optional).

Once these areas have been addressed, click Next.

Here, you will be able to review potential duplicate parents. You can either select the existing parent's name to merge the records, select New User to create a new parent in the database,
or select Skip to prevent the parent record being created in the database. You can also enter a username for each parent (optional).

Once you are finished, click Next, and the candidate profile will be created automatically.