Admissions Managers and Staff can complete an inquiry form on behalf of a prospective student/family. For example, a family may call the Admissions Office, and the inquiry data can be manually collected/entered by an Admissions Manager or Staff.

To create a new inquiry:

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management > Admissions > Admissions Management
  2. From the overview tab, click the button: +Create new inquiry 
  3. Select the appropriate Inquiry Form and Inquiry Source (optional) and complete it
  4. Assign the appropriate checklist and Admissions Staff member (optional) to the candidate.
  5. Review potential duplicate candidates. Select New User to create a new candidate record in the database, or select the existing candidate's name to merge the records in the database.
  6. Enter a username for the candidate (optional).
  7. Review potential duplicate parents. Select New User to create a new parent record in the database; select the existing parent's name to merge the records in the database; or select Skip to prevent the parent record from being created in the database.
  8. Enter a username for each parent (optional)
  9. The candidate profile will be created automatically