For schools using Enrollment Management, Prospective students can specify how they heard about the school on the inquiry form. The "How Hear" text field allows users to type in their response or select their response from a pre-defined list of options.

To use the "How Hear" field, the Admissions Manager must first enter the "How Hear" types (Friend, Internet, Radio, etc.). After the types are created, the Admissions Manager will select the types that should appear on each form.

To add "Admissions Inquiry Referral Types" (also known as "How Hear" types):

  1. Go to Enrollment Management > Admissions > Admissions Setup > Inquiry Forms
  2. Click the Referral Types button
  3. At the top of the pop-up, enter a referral name in the box and mark it if it should be private
  4. Click the Add Referral Type link under the box and this will add the type to the below list
  5. Click Save