Prospective students can specify their current grade on the inquiry form. There are two field options for collecting this information: the current grade text field allows users to type in their current grade, or to select their current grade from a pre-defined list of grades.

To use the current grade field, the Inquiry Manager must first enter the grade levels. After the grades are created, the Inquiry Manager will select the grades that should appear on each form.

To add current grades:

  • From the persona menu, select onMessage, or if onBoard is installed, select onBoard

  • Click Inquiry under Settings

  • Click Admissions Inquiry Current Grade

  • Click Add, then fill in the following:

    • Sort Order: Enter the order in which the grades should be listed. You can change this later using the Edit Sort Order option.

    • Current Grade: Enter the name of the current grade. For example, 6, 6th, Six or Sixth Grade.

    • Equivalent Grade: Use this option to match the prospective student's current grade to one of your existing grade levels. For example, 7th grade = Form 1.

  • Click Save & Exit or Save & Add Another