To add checklists:

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management.
  2. Select Admissions > Admissions Management.
  3. Select Checklists tab  
  4. Click Add Checklist
  5. Enter the Checklist Name.
  6. Mark the Checklist as Active or Inactive.
  7. Click Save & Build.
  8. Click +Add Milestone to add a new Milestone.
  9. Enter the Milestone Name.
  10. Select the Milestone Status Changes
    • For information on Milestone Status Changes, click here
  11. If you select Entering Milestone or Exiting Milestone, you will then be able to select the Candidate Status.
  12. Once you've added your Milestone, you can click +Add Step to the right of the Milestone to add Checklist Steps to that Milestone. 
  13. For each Checklist Step, enter:
    • Type (optional)
    • Name (required)
    • Due Date (optional)
    • Reminder (optional)
    • Staff (optional)
    • Required: Yes/No (optional)
    • Candidate Publishing Options (Yes/No). If Yes is selected, additional fields will appear:
      • Step Name
      • Step Description
      • Link
      • File
  14. Click Save & Add Another to add additional steps, or click Save to save your current step.

For information on how to assign a Checklist to a Candidate, click here.