No Match:Student(firstname,middlename,lastname,nickname,suffix,grad_year)

The information supplied in the file to find the student in WH is incorrect.  Either a Nickname was supplied instead of their Firstname (in their Profile) -or- their Suffix was included as part of their Lastname when it isn't included as part of their lastname in WH (in their User Profile) -or- the grad_year supplied isn't the same as what is in WH.


No Match:Relationship(user_2_user_id,user_id)

The second user (contact_firstname, contact_lastname) does not have a relationship to the first user as defined in the file (contact_relationship).  For example, a relationship type=Grandfather was supplied in the data file, however, that relationship type is actually called "Grandparent" (non-gender specific) in WH.

No Match:UserTwoPhoneIndex(phone_number,user_2_user_id,phone_type_id)

The data supplied for the second user (contact_firstname,contact_lastname) doesn't have a phone number of the type specified.  Either:

  • The phone type is mis-spelled (in the file it is "cellphone" when it should be "wireless")
  • The phone number is mis-typed (in the file it is "(123) 456-7890" when it should be "123-456-7890"--just like it is listed in the user's profile)
  • The user doesn't have a phone number for this type (in the file, the type was wireless but in their profile, it is actually their home phone -or- they don't have a wireless phone in their profile)

Multiple Matches:UserTwoDetail(contact_firstname, contact_lastname, contact_middlename, contact_nickname, contact_suffix, contact_grad_year)

The information supplied in the file for the second user matches multiple users in WH by the same values.

Example:  Both Father & Grandfather or Father & Son have the same firstname and lastname. One way to eliminate this is to ensure that both users have their Suffix populated in their User Profile.  Then, add the suffix field for both student and contact.  If you do add the suffix column to the data import file, it will have to be populated for all users in the file which have suffixes or it will fail on a different record which has suffix in their Profile but doesn't have one in the file.