The Differential Import will affect ONLY those classes (Roster) which are included in the file.  If the Course Section is not included in the file, it will ignore that class.

The Differential Import will compare all of the students, for a class, in the file to the existing class Roster and:

  1. If the import is being processed prior to the first day of the term, it will delete all of the students from the class roster and re-populate it with the students included in the file. (Drop>Scheduling Error, Remove course record.)
  2. If all you want to do is add a single student to an existing class roster, you must include all all of the other students you want to keep in the same class roster in your file.  Otherwise, it will drop any student currently in the class roster who is not included in the file.
  3. The differential import will take effect immediately.  So if you are in the middle of a term, and you want the differential import to take place at the beginning of the next term, you must wait until the beginning of the next term to process the differential import.
  4. For any student in the current class roster who is not included in the differential import which lists that class, and that student has either a grade, assignment grade, attendance, or official note (comments) for that class, it will drop them on the same date the import is being processed.  (Drop>Drop Course, Leave Course Record)
Note: Keep in mind that the Differential Import is section based, not student based. To drop a student from a section, the import file should include a row for each student who should remain enrolled in the section. The import file should not include only the student who is being dropped with a row for each of their different sections and excluding the section that they're dropping.