OnMessage can send two e-mail notifications each time a giving form is submitted. One is a confirmation e-mail that is sent to the donor, and the other is an administration e-mail that alerts the school that the form was submitted. Giving Managers can customize the giving notifications.

To edit the giving notifications:
  •      As A Giving Manager:
  •      In the Persona, go to onMessage.
  •     Click Giving under Settings.
  •     Click Notifications.
  •     Click Edit next to the notification you want to edit.

Administration: This e-mail is sent to user(s) at the school alerting them that a form was submitted.

Confirmation: This e-mail is sent to the donor, confirming that the form was submitted. Use the following fields to customize the notification. Click Save & Exit when finished.

Notification Properties

  •     Name - Use this option to change the name of the notification.
  •     Active - Uncheck the Active checkbox to inactivate the notification. Use this option if you do not want the notification sent.

E-mail Notification

  •     Reply E-mail - Enter an e-mail users can respond to from the notification.
  •     From Name - Enter a name users will see in the "from" field of the notification.
  •     Placeholders - Use the placeholders to craft the body of the notification.
  •     Subject - Use this field to enter the subject of the notification.
  •     Body - Use the placeholders to craft the e-mail.

Add Recipient(s)

These fields will only appear for the Administration notifications. Use the available fields to search for the user(s) who should be notified when the giving form is submitted. Highlight the user's name and click Add to recipient list.