No Match:AC_offer:​
  • Either the course is in the file, but not in Podium, or the course name in the file is different from the course name in Academics. If the course code is in the file, you may want to use a scheme that does not require course title.

No Match:Faculty:

  • Either the faculty member is in the file, but not in Core, or the faculty name in the file is different from the faculty name in Core. If the host id is in the file, you may consider removing the firstname, lastname columns from the file.

This_duration errors:

  • This_duration refers to the starting term of the section; often times schools lists all the terms the section is occurring and not just the start. The term must be exact to the term name in Core (Core > Settings > School Information > Years & Terms).

Cannot verify section uniqueness:

  • Another section with the same course name and section identifier may be included in the file. Often this occurs if the school is including multiple terms in the file and the course is a one-term course. Section identifiers must be unique to the school year.  
    For example: A semester school offers a one term Photography course in both the fall and spring. The fall section is Photography -1, although in a different term, the spring section cannot have the same section identifier, so it should be listed as something like Photography -2 or Photography -1S.

Not enough terms remaining:

  • The course is a multi-term course and the start duration does not allow for enough terms to complete the course.