To use advanced CSS in your onMessage styles:

Go to onMessage > Website > Styles > Edit

  • Select the element you wish to edit from the drop-down
  • Select the element from the right hand column - this will open the style editor in the left hand column.
  • At the bottom of the page click CSS: Advanced
  • Paste your CSS code

This will only effect the style element you are currently editing, unless you have chosen "default" from the drop-down. Anything entered into default will effect all other elements below it unless they are individually selected and styled.

If you would like to enter CSS that will be present site wide:

Go to onMessage > Website > Styles > Custom CSS

As with any programming language, there is a lot of specific syntax required in order to create different elements and styles.

The following sites can be used to automatically generate advanced CSS for your onMessage designs:

Generate CSS boxes & backgrounds

CSS Box Shadows

CSS Gradient Generator 


To learn more about CSS, click here for a tutorial.