1. From the persona menu, select Academics
  2. Select Schedule Outline under Scheduling
  3. In Schedule Sets, filter for the desired year, group type and school level
  4. Click the add set button
  5. Give the schedule set a title and set the days of the week the rotation will follow
  6. Set a Begin and End date for the schedule set
  7. Scroll down to Date Span and set a Max Days, Max Weeks, Start Day and Start Week 
    • The Max Days should be the number of days your schedule set is going to rotate. As an example, a 5 days Mon-Fri rotation would have Max Days of 5 and Max Weeks of 1
    • Start day would be the day of the rotation your schedule set is going to start on for the year. As an example, if it starts on 8/10 which falls on a Wednesday, your Start day would be a 3
    • Start Week only applies if your rotation is not a single week rotation
  8. Click the Meeting Times Tab
  9. Enter a value in the # of Times block and click Add Pattern
    • This is going to be the number of "Periods" in a day the rotation will have. As an example, a standard 7 period day rotation will have 7 times
    • If certain days in the rotation follow a different time set up, such as a MWF and TR rotation, you can create two separate time patterns and set them for the specific days
  10. Enter the times of day for each time in the pattern
  11. Click the Rotation tab
  12. Enter a day label for each day
    • For example, Day 1 = Green. This day label is optional and will appear on the Master Schedule and in the schedule channel above the day's obligations.
  13. Choose a block from the dropdown next to each meeting time
    • Depending on the schedule, not every meeting time will have a corresponding block
  14. Click Save & Exit