To request additional courses: 

  • Go to the onRecord persona
  • Select “Course Requests” under Procedure 
  • Search for the Student and click “Add” Recommend or Require courses as appropriate 
  • Click “Apply”

 You can also follow these directions:

  1. Navigate to onRecord.
  2. Select Approval > Course Requests.
  3. Click on the Filters link or tab.
  4. Filter for the following to locate the student(s) you need to remove Course Requests for:
  • School Year (recommended)
  • Grade Level (recommended)
  • Gender (optional)
  • Boarding or Day (optional)
  • Advisor (optional)
  • Offering (recommended)
  • Total Requests (recommended: Show All)
  • Total Approved (recommended: Show All)
  • Status: select the appropriate status, or leave blank if unsure/unknown.
  1. Click Apply Filters
  2. Search for the Student and click on the Pencil to add Course Requests by clicking Add Request or Add Recommendation OR click into the Students name and this will bring you to the Academic Profile with the Course Requests Tab, click Manage and from here you can edit Course Requests.

To edit the minimum number of requested courses in Course Requests: 

  • Go to the onRecord persona
  • Select “Course Request Setup” under Settings
  • Change the School Year dropdown to the year for which the requests will be made
  • Choose the appropriate Group Type and School Level
  • Edit the Min Request