To build a Hybrid Report Card:

  1. From the persona menu, select Academics.
  2. Click Report Card Setup under Grades, then click Report Card Builder (old).
  3.  Select the School Year and Level for the Report Card you'd like to build and click View.
  4.  Click Add Assessment.
  5.  Enter the following information:
    • Name
      Name of the Report Card - if you're giving online viewing access to students, parents, etc., they will be able to see this name
    • Introductory/Closing Text (optional)
      This text will appear on all of the Report Cards, some schools choose to put messages from the administration or the grade translation in this space.
    • Display comment label
      Check to display the comment label before the comment.
    • Display grades in grid
      Check to display grades in a grid where the X-axis is the skill level and the Y-axis is the skill, at the intersection there will be an "x" to mark the grade. If this option is selected, the report card will display only one term. 
    • Display as
      Select page orientation, either portrait or landscape.
    • Teachers
      Display either the head teacher or all teachers.
    • Attendance
      If your school uses attendance, you can choose to display attendance totals by checking off the group type and Attendance Type.
    • Legend
      Check off the legend that will display on the report card. 
    • Access Dates
      Enter access dates for users to view the report cards online.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Grading Periods.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Choose a Grading Period and click Save & Exit.
  10. Click Additional Grades.
  11. Enter a Grade Label and choose the grades from the drop down list next to each grade plan.
  12. To add additional grades from standard grade plans, click Add Additional grade.
  13. Click Save & Exit.