Go to the onRecord persona level

  • Hover over Settings and choose "Grading"
  • Within the sub menu, choose School Year Setup

Choose the group type, school level, and grade plan group in which the grade plan resides; click View in the upper right corner of the box

  • Click on "view" directly across from the grade plan
  • In this initial view, the outlined and highlighted portion shows one particular grade within the grade plan that has a formula attached to it; the formula is signified by the calculator icon with a (1) alongside of it. 
  • Click on the Edit button which is pointed to by the red arrow in order to edit/add formulas to grades
  • To add a new formula, click on the arrow attached to the "Formula" icon (highlighted) and choose either "Add Single Term" or "Add Multi Term"
  • The option of either Single Term or Multi Term refers to the length of the courses that are attached to this grade plan. If there are only courses that are a longer length than 1, then it is unnecessary to add a formula to "Single Term".
  • Once clicked, a new window will appear to choose report card grades to include in the formula, or to have 100% of the grade be from the grade book. 
  • If choosing to use both R.C. grades and Grade Book Cumulative, the percentages must add up to 100 percent between all grades included.
  • Once done creating the formula, choose Close in the upper right corner.

Once the formulas are done, be sure to click Save & Exit so all formulas are saved.