1. Navigate to Academics > Grades > Grading Setup
  2. Select School Year Setup
  3. Filter for Group Type, School Level, and Grade Plan Group
  4. Click View in the upper right corner of the box
  5. Locate the grade plan and click View
  6. Click Edit
  7. Click Formula (x)
  8. This is where to click the Formula button

You will see either Add or you will see Add Single Term and Add Multi Term

  • The option of either Single Term or Multi Term refers to the length of the courses that are attached to this grade plan. If there are only courses that are either Single term or Multi term tie to the Grade Plan Group you will only see Add.
  • Once clicked, a new window will appear to choose report card grades to include in the formula, or to have 100% of the grade be from the grade book. 
  • If choosing to use both R.C. grades and Grade Book Cumulative, the percentages must add up to 100 percent between all grades included.
  • Once done creating the formula, choose Close in the upper right corner.

Once the formulas are done, be sure to click Save & Exit so all formulas are saved.