To manually add transferring/sending schools:

  • From the persona menu, select Core
  • Under Settings, select School Information
  • Click on Transferring/Sending Schools 
  • Click Add, then enter the school name and any additional information about the school
  • Check Use on Inquiry Form if the school should appear on inquiry forms and/or application forms
  • Click Save & Exit


On the admissions application, prospective families can select "other" for the candidate’s current/previous school, then manually add the school name.

Whatever is entered will be saved in the candidate's record.

Platform Managers can add variations of "other" to the list of transferring/sending schools which will be seen when filling out the application.

Information about a candidate’s or student’s current or previous schools can be collected and stored in the database.

Managers can create a predefined list of transferring/sending schools that can be used throughout the system, including with inquiry forms, application forms, and student enrollment records. Platform Managers can manually add transferring/sending schools. Data Managers can also add transferring/sending schools via a data import.