As a Page Manager:

  • Go to onMessage.
  • Hover over Website and click on the appropriate site.
  • Click on Styles.
  • Find the appropriate style and click the edit button.

Where it has the Default drop-down, change that drop-down to Content Types and then click the Camera icon to edit photo categories.

You will see a Display box on the right hand site. To remove the description, uncheck the Photo Description so the check-mark is grayed out. Click Save and when you go back to the page the photo is on, it should no longer display the description.

Note: if any other page is using this style for the photos, this change will affect that content as well. You can copy the style, edit it, and reapply it to the content you are working on if you only want it changed for that page's content only.

Don't know the style you are looking for?

To find the style you are looking for, go to Edit Page Content for the page and click the paint brush icon. You will see a view of your page and when you mouse over portions of the page, the different sections will have a blue box appear around them. 

Click on the photo when the blue box is around it and you will see the name of the style appear on the left hand side. This is the style being applied to that photo category. Now that you know the name of the style you can go back into styles and edit the style from there.