To set up page redirects:

  1. Navigate to School Website > Website Management > Website Redirects
  2. To add a new redirect, click + Add Redirect User-added image
  3. You can edit an existing redirect by clicking the pencil icon User-added image
  4. Tip: You can also remove a redirect by clicking on the red X
  5. From / Known As URL: This is the vanity url that you want to have redirected (this is the Page you want users to type in to the URL field). 
    i.e. you want users to be able to go to and have it redirect to
    User-added image

  6. Choose Redirect Destination: you can either use an existing page from your Website to redirect to, or add a URL as the destination. (This is the actual active page you want users to land on after typing in the Vanity URL)

  7. Set the Status to Active if you are ready for this redirect to go live

  8. Click Save.