This screen is appearing because there is no formula created within the grade plan for this particular grade - the teacher must create the formula. If this screen should not be appearing, then read How do I add a formula to a grade plan? If this screen should appear, here is how to work with it:

Using the drop downs and percentage fields, a formula is created. R.C. Grades refer to the grades placed on the report card, and are the same exact grades appearing on the "Grading" screen of each class.

  • To include more than one R.C. Grade, click on the green "+" to the right of the R.C. Grade's percentage field.

The "G.B. Cum:" refers to the cumulative grade that appears in the teacher's gradebook, and what percentage of the formula that grade should have. 

The "Adtl. Grade" drop down allows a particular grade book assignment to be chosen, and have that hold a particular percentage of the over all grade. Just like with the R.C. Grade, choose the green "+" to add another assignment.

Once everything is set, Save & Close and the column for that particular grade will now be filled with the calculated grades. If grades change, then the calculation function will need to be done again, but the formula will have stayed in tact.