There are settings that you can review to determine why credits are missing from student courses.

Grade Plan does not have an End of Term grade indicated:
  1. Navigate to Academics > Grades > Grades Management  > Review Grades
  2. Use the filter options to find an example of a student and course where a passing grade is recorded but no credits attempted or awarded
  3. Go to the Scheduling tab and select Requests and schedules Departments and Courses
  4. Locate the department and click the chevron on the right to see the classes offered
  5. Verify if credits are entered for the class
  6. If no credits are shown, click the pencil icon to edit the field
  7. Select Grading, then enter the amount of credits in the Total Credits box
  8. Click Save & Close
  9. If there are Total Credits entered, note the name of the Standard Grade Plan Group that is tied to the course
  10. Navigate to Academics > Grades > Grading Setup
  11. Click on School year setup
  12. Use the filter options and select the Grade Plan Group noted in step 7 above from the drop-down
  13. Click View
If the Grade Plan shows a bold "E" in the front of it this means that the Grade Plan is marked as End of Term and it includes a grade that will determine if credit will be awarded; if the student receives a passing score for that grade, credit will be awarded.

If the Grade Plan does not show a bold "E" in front of it, there is no designated end of term grade and credits will not be awarded.

If the Grade Plan has a bold "E" in front of the name and you are still not seeing credits on the transcript then the next step is to view the Grade Plan Detail.  If the Grade Plan Detail shows a bold "T" and a bold "F" then the grade that needs to be used on the Transcript is the grade description with the bold "F" in front of it.

If the Grade Plan Detail just shows a bold "F" and not a bold "T", then any grade can be used on the transcript to display the credits.

After reviewing the areas mentioned above, if credits are still not appearing on the transcript, the next step is to take a look at the Course Details to see if the checkbox, Specify Credits per Term, is checked.

Accessing Course Details

  1. Navigate to Academics > Scheduling > Requests and Schedules > Departments & Courses
  2. Locate the course the students are not receiving credit for
  3. Click on the edit pencil icon for the course
  4. Within the pop-up window, click on the Grading tab
  5. Check to see if the Specify Credits Awarded per Term checkbox is marked 
  • Unmarked: The system will divide the total credits evenly between each term the course runs (Ex: a full year, 2 term course, worth 1.00 total credit will award .50 credits per term for a student)
  • Marked: The system will award credit based on how the credit is distributed on the course offering. The  school determines when credit should be awarded; for example, credit may only be awarded at the successful conclusion of a course, so a full year, two-term course worth one credit will award the entire credit on a passing end of term grade at the end of the second semester
If Specify Credits Awarded per Term is marked, then the next step is to ensure the credit was distributed in the course offering:
  1. Navigate to  Academics > Requests and Schedules  > Offer Course
  2. Using the filters, locate the course in question
  3. Click the Edit Credits button
  4. Assign the credit distribution, which should total the full credit as shown on the course record

NOTE: Currently, the Master Rollover for Academic Groups does NOT roll over credit distribution from the previous year. Please contact Support to submit a request to the Data team to perform that task.