1. Navigate to onRecord > Procedures > Grading
  2. Click on Manage Grades and find an example of a Student and Course where a passing grade is recorded but no credits attempted or awarded
  3. Next, go to Core > School > Departments and Courses
  4. Look up the example course and click on the Grading tab
  5. Review Total Credits to see if any credits are entered
  6. If nothing is entered in the Total Credits section, add the amount of credit a Student will earn if they complete the course.
  7. If there are Total Credits listed that were not added after grading was completed, then go to to the Grading tab and note the Standard Grade Plan Group tied to the course.
  8. Finally, navigate to onRecord in the persona menu.
  9. Click on Grading under Settings.
  10. Click on Grade Plans and filter for the Grade Plan Group tied to the example course.
  11. If the Grade Plan shows a bold "E" in the front of it this means that the Grade Plan is marked End of Term.  Within this Grade Plan is a grade that triggers credits.  If the Grade Plan does not show a bold "E" in front of it then the Grade Plan will not trigger credits.  Credits will not appear on the Transcript, if the grade has not been selected to appear on the Transcript.


If the Grade Plan has a bold "E" in front of the name and you are still not seeing credits on the transcript then the next step is to view the Grade Plan Detail.  If the Grade Plan Detail shows a bold "T" and a bold "F" then the grade that needs to be used on the Transcript is the grade description with the bold "F" in front of it.

If the Grade Plan Detail just shows a bold "F" and not a bold "T", then any grade can be used on the transcript to display the credits.


After reviewing the areas mentioned above, if credits are still not appearing on the transcript, the next step is to take a look at the Course Details to see if the check box, Specify Credits per Term is checked.


Accessing Course Details

  1. Go to Core in the persona menu (top right corner of screen)
  2. Click on Departments & Courses under School
  3. Find the course not giving students' credit, and click on the Edit/pencil icon located directly across from the course's title
  4. Within the pop-up window, click on the second tab, Grading
  5. Check to see if the Specify Credits Awarded per Term check box is marked 
  • Unmarked: The system will divide the total credits evenly between each term the course runs (Ex: a full year, 4 term course, worth 1 total credit will award .25 credits per term for a student)
  • Marked: The system will award credit in a specific term.  The system should NOT divide credits evenly, and the school decides when credit should be awarded.  Typically, credits should be earned per semester, or only at the conclusion of a course (Ex: a full year, 4 term course, worth 1 total credit will award 1 credit at the end of term 4).
  • If Specify Credits Awarded per Term is marked, then the next step is to go to Offer Course to determine if credits were marked when they should be earned.
  • In the persona menu, go to onCampus.
  • Click on Procedure under Academics.
  • Under Offer Course, choose the appropriate school level and term from the filters, and then expand the departments.  Below is a visual of when Specify credit per term is checked off in the section above:

  • The red arrow pointing towards the term is to make sure that the term selected is when the course began - If it is a full year course, it is in the school's first term. If it is half year or quarter year course, then choose the appropriate term.  If the correct term is not chosen, then the course will either not be in the list, or will not have the "edit credits" visible.
  • Find the class from the list of courses and choose "edit credits" from the right in order to get the following pop up screen:

  • Ideally, these fields would be filled at the beginning of the year.  If there are locked icons for any term, it means that Grades have been recorded. Once Grade are recorded the term gets locked down.  If fields have not been filled, locate any other courses that are in the same situation and decide on how the credits should be divided between the multiple terms.  Once that information is together, contact support so the data can be input to the system.

NOTE:  Currently Academic Rollover does NOT rollover credit distribution from the previous year. Please create a ticket and support will request our data team do the rollover of credit distribution.