There are several reasons the GPA may not be showing. Here's what to look for and how to resolve this:

The Grade Average may not be selected in the Report Card itself. 

  1. Go to the Academics persona

  2. Select Report card setup under Grades

  3. Select appropriate Report Card and click “Edit”

  4. Make sure that the following are selected:

    • Correct Grade Average formula is being used

    • Display Term is checked if desired

    • Display YTD is checked if desired

The Grade Average that is being used to calculate the GPA is not pulling grades from that term

  1. Go to the Academics persona

  2. Select Grading under Settings

  3. Navigate to the Grade Averages tab

  4. Edit the Grade Average formula being used on the Report Card

  5. Select Grades from the left menu

  6. Take a look at the appropriate school year and term to make sure that the appropriate grades are being pulled.  Also, make sure that Excluded Courses is correctly chosen.

The Grade Average formula is pulling grades which have not yet been recorded for the Student(s)

  1. Go to the Academics persona

  2. Select Grading under Procedure

  3. Navigate to the Manage Grades tab

  4. Find the appropriate Student and View the Grades & Credits

  5. Confirm that grades have been recorded for the grades included in the Grade Average