ReEnrollment Managers can create new contracts from scratch or by copying an existing contract.

To create a New Contract/Copy an Existing Contract:

  1. Go to Enrollment Management 
  2. Contracts Select Contracts > Select Manage Contract forms 
  3. From the upper right, select+Add Contract to create a new contract 
    1. Note: (to Copy, click the grey copy icon to the right of the existing contract).  If copying an existing contract, enter a name for the new contract (e.g. Day Student 2015-2016).  Names are automatically assigned to new contracts (i.e the names will contain the contract type title and school year). Contract names can be edited in the contract form settings.
  4. Select the appropriate Contract Type.
  5. Select the school year with which the contract should be associated (in order for a year to be listed, it must be published in the Years & Terms task).  Any school year that is grayed out in the drop down means there is already a contract for the selected type for that school year.
  6. Enter Due Dates for enrollment/re-enrollment contract forms.
  7. SelectSave & Close.
  8. On the main Contract Forms screen, select Active in the Status column, if the contract should be published to families.  Select Inactive, if the contract should be unpublished.  (It's advised to leave the contract Inactive until it's completed and ready to use.)
  9. Select Edit next to the new contract.
  10. Update the sections, blocks, fields, and elements as necessary.  (Note: Once at least one family has viewed the contract, only the "Deposit" and "Confirmation" sections can be edited.)
  11. Select Preview Contract to view the contract in a new browser window.