To add Contract Types:

  1. Go to Enrollment Management
  2. Contracts > Select Manage Contract Forms > Select  +Add Contract Type  
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  1. Enter the Contract Type Name (e.g. Upper School - Returning Student).
  2. Select the appropriate Category. The available categories are predefined and help organize the contract types on the main Contract Forms screen. For example, if you have multiple Contract Types for day students (e.g. Upper School Day, Middle School Day), you can associate all of those contracts with the Day category.
  3. Select Active if the Contract Type will be actively used, or select Inactive if the Contract Type will not be used. Inactive contract types will not appear in candidate/student profiles, thus preventing contracts of that type from being generated. Contract Types that have contracts associated with them cannot be deleted and must instead be marked as inactive.
  4. Select Save.       
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  1. Select Edit next to the contract type name if you need to make changes to the name, category, or status.