Title: This is the title of the album, this field will appear with the album depending on where it is displayed.
Allow users to download audio clips: If checked, users will have the option to download audio files from the album.
Featured: If checked, this album will have a "featured" label in the Media Gallery. You can also filter based on the feature tag.
Long Description: Use this field to describe the clips in the album.

Audio Clips

Basic Upload: Use this if you have fewer than 5 clips. Once you have chosen the clips to upload, you must click the upload button.
Bulk Upload: This feature opens a java box allowing you to upload multiple clips, up to 1 gb combined, at once.
Organize: Once you have clips in the album, you can drag and drop them to resort.
Batch edit: Allows you to bulk tag, edit sort order, add tags, upload a thumbnail and enter the clip description. You may also set one clip as the album cover and mark photos to be deleted upon save.
Publish To Locations: This option allows you to publish the news story to multiple locations. This is useful if you would like to make sure this article is published to categories that are on other pages as well as any type of group pages you want to publish to. Choose the locations you want to publish to by using the arrows.
Publish and Expire Dates: This option allows you to set publish and expire dates. The publish field must be populated and will not default to today's date. You can set this date for the day you are creating it or in the future.

If the album is published to multiple locations, you need to set a publish and expire date for each location the album is published to.