Basic Information:
When the checkbox is selected the category may be added to portal channels by users. When the checkbox is deselected, the category may only be added to a school portal channel by a Platform Manager.
Use this option to allow users to add the audio category to a personal portal.

Additional Information:
Include long description for audio items
This setting allows the video album to have a long description. If this option is not checked, any video album created within this category will not have a long description text box.
Enable podcast feed
This setting will enable podcast feeds at the category level. This will allow the feed to be enabled at the album level as well.

Audio Clip Information:
Allow titles on audio clips: Check to allow titles.
Allow captions on audio clips: Check to allow captions. Captions will display beneath the audio clip, they are limited to 1600 characters and cannot be formatted with HTML.
Allow descriptions on audio clips: If checked, descriptions can be entered for audio clips. Descriptions will display under the audio clip and caption, they do not have a character limit and can be entered using HTML.