Complete the following steps to add the link to the Contract Form:

  1. In the persona menu, go to onMessage.
  2. Click on Upload (misc.) under Content.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Choose the PDF file type from the drop down menu and enter the Description.
  5. Click the Browse button and upload the PDF file.
  6. Click on the blue File Name link, and copy the URL of the file
  7. Next, in the persona menu, go to the onProduct such as onBoard, onCampus etc
  8. Click on Contract Forms or School Forms under Settings.
  9. Click Edit for the Form the clickable link will be added to.
  10. Within the Text or Policy Block on the Contract Form, enter the following HTML code (this is a sample and should not be copied exactly, please input your URL and clickable link name in place of the "goes here" text and remove the period in front of the a's): 
  11. <.a href="https://URL goes here" target=”_blank”>Name of the clickable link goes here</.a>

Based on the above example the link would be a blue link that says "Name of the clickable link goes here" because that is the name we input to display for the link.

You can also use a external link to something else for example you can link to Google, the sample code for that would be:

<.a href="" target=”_blank”>name to display of the clickable link goes here</.a>
Note: Tables and Images are not supported by Crystal Reports within the Contract.  Images and Tables will appear on the web portion of the Contract, but will not appear on the printed contract.