Note: In order for the confirmation e-mail to send, the user must be logged into the website when they submit the form. The confirmation e-mail will not send to users who are not logged in. This will only take effect on Customer Forms placed on a resource board. If the form is posted on an onMessage page, no confirmation email will be sent.
To edit the custom form notifications:
  1. From the persona select onMessage > Communication > Notification
  2. Click Notifications
  3. From the Category dropdown, select Forms
  4. Click View
  5. Find the appropriate form and click Edit next to the notification you want to edit: Custom Form - Administration: This e-mail is sent to user(s) at the school alerting them that the form was submitted. Custom Form - Confirmation: This e-mail is sent to the user who filled out the form, confirming that it was submitted successfully
  6. Use the fields below to customize the notification. Click Save & Exit when finished.

Notification Properties

  •  Name: Use this option to change the name of the notification.
  •  Active: Uncheck the Active checkbox to inactivate the notification. Use this option if you do not want the notification sent.

E-mail Notification

  • Reply E-mail: Enter an e-mail users can respond to from the notification.
  • From Name: Enter a name users will see in the "from" field of the notification.
  • Placeholders: Use the placeholders to craft the body of the notification.
  • Subject: Use this field to enter the subject of the notification.
  • Body: Use the placeholders to craft the e-mail.

Add Recipient(s)

These fields will only appear for the Administration notifications. Use the available fields to search for the user(s) who should be notified when a submission is made. Highlight the user's name and click Add to recipient list.