Cause: GIFTS has a time-out that limits how long it tries to connect to the GIFTS database. Symantec Antivirus version 10 slows the connection down long enough to trigger the time-out.

Resolution The default timeout for GIFTS when connecting to the GIFT database is 30 seconds. Clients who receive this error message can do the following to increase the length of time before the timeout is triggered:

1. Create a backup copy of the GIFTS.ini file located in your GIFTS directory.
2. Open the GIFTS.ini  file in the GIFTS directory using Notepad.
Important: If you edit this file with a word processor, it will be saved with formatting that will disable your GIFTS system by making the GIFTS.ini file unreadable. Be sure to use Notepad to edit this file.
3. Under the [Initialization] section, add the following lines: ADOConnectionTimeout =90 ADOCommandTimeout =90
Note: While the lines above specify a delay of 90 seconds before a timeout is triggered, you can enter any value, such as 60, 90, or 120.
4. Click File > Save .