Cause: MEDATE.OCX and CRYSTL32.OCX are two of many system files that are copied to each GIFTS workstation during the GIFTS installation or upgrade process. System files are usually updated and registered automatically, but in some cases the registration fails because a file was in use by another application during the installation process or because it had been marked as a read-only file. This error has also occurred when other system files, such as SSTBARS2.OCX or SPELL8.OCX, were not correctly registered.

Resolution: To resolve this issue, use the following procedure to re-install the GIFTS on the problematic workstation. This will re-install and re-register the system files used by GIFTS.

Caution: This re-installation procedure is intended only for workstations that are connected to a GIFTS file server. If you are using a standalone version of GIFTS (where the entire program, including the database, is installed on a single workstation) or if you need to re-install GIFTS on your file server, please call MicroEdge Technical Support before attempting to re-install GIFTS. Improper re-installation of a standalone system or of the GIFTS file server can cause the loss of your grantmaking data. As a precaution, we recommend that you back up your database before performing any re-installation. In this procedure for re-installing GIFTS, you will open the GIFTS.INI file to determine the location of your GIFTS directory before renaming GIFTS.INI and re-installing GIFTS:

1. Log in to the workstation with adminstrative rights; note that the administrative rights you need are for Windows, not for GIFTS. If you do not have an administrative account, please contact your IT or MIS department for advice. Either an administrator can re-install GIFTS for you, or you can request that the system privileges needed to install software on your workstation be enabled for your user account.
2. Locate the GIFTS.INI file on the workstation in the C:\WINDOWS directory and rename it 
3. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the GIFTS directory on your file server (such as R:\GIFTS\ or \\SERVER\APPS\GIFTS\). 
4. Open the SETUP folder located inside the GIFTS directory and double-click on the SETUP.EXE file.
5. Follow the GIFTS Workstation Setup instructions in the GIFTS Installation and Technical Reference Guide for your version of GIFTS. If your version of GIFTS prompts you to install the XML Parser or Microsoft Data Access Components, be sure to do so.
6. After the re-installation is complete, log in to GIFTS on the workstation to verify that the re-installation was successful.