Cause: This error occurs when the path to the program file (EXCEL.EXE) used to launch Microsoft Excel has been moved.  The path to this file is specified in the GIFTS External Preferences, which must be updated after you make changes to your installation of Microsoft Excel.

Resolution: Perform the following steps on each GIFTS workstation on which the error occurs:
  1. Log in to the GIFTS Administrator.
  2. From the Administrator menu, select Setup >  Preferences .
  3. Click the External tab.
  4. Verify that the Spreadsheet Used is Microsoft Excel.
  5. At the top of the window, select This workstation .
  6. Place the cursor in the Program file name field below Spreadsheet Used.
  7. Click the Browse button. (If the Browse button is not active, make sure you have placed the cursor in the Program file name field.)
  8. Browse to the new location of the EXCEL.EXE file on the workstation, highlight the file, and click Open .
  9. Click OK to save your changes.