What information is stored in my configuration file?

The GIFTS.CFG file contains the configuration information for your installation of GIFTS.  For security, this information is kept in an encrypted format. 

The configuration information stored in the GIFTS.CFG file includes:

  • The name of your organization
  • Your GIFTS serial number
  • A list of the GIFTS modules that your organization uses
  • The number of user licenses that your organization has purchased
  • The backend (Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Server) used by your organization

How do I view my configuration information?

To view your configuration information, open GIFTS and select Help > About GIFTS. Do not open the GIFTS.CFG file, as changes to this file may make it unreadable and make GIFTS unusable until the GIFTS.CFG file can be repaired. Likewise, you should not move GIFTS.CFG from the GIFTS directory.

When do I need to change my configuration file?

You need to update your configuration file only when MicroEdge sends you a new one; you do not need to change your configuration file when you upgrade to a new version of GIFTS unless MicroEdge has sent a new configuration disk with your upgrade package.

MicroEdge only sends new configuration files when you have made changes to your configuration. Possible changes are the addition of a new module—if you purchase the Budget Module, for example—or the additional of another user license.

Note: if you receive a new configuration disk with a GIFTS upgrade package (because you’ve made changes to your configuration), you should install the new configuration file before upgrading to ensure that the files needed for your new configuration are updated.

How do I install a new configuration file?

To install a new configuration file provided by MicroEdge:

1.      Make a backup copy of the existing GIFTS.CFG file located in your GIFTS directory. For example: GIFTS-BACKUP.CFG. Be sure not to change the “.CFG” file extension so you can identify the file as a GIFTS configuration file.
2.      Copy the new GIFTS.CFG file from the email you received to your GIFTS directory. If a message warns that you are overwriting the existing file, click Yes to continue.

Your new configuration file has been installed. To view your new configuration information, you can select Help > About from the Main menu of GIFTS.

How big is the GIFTS configuration file?

The GIFTS configuration file is very small, about one kilobyte (1 KB).