Limiting Access to Your Online Application Forms Most grant makers want to limit the number of ineligible applications they receive.

The Form Design Wizard gives you options for handling this task:  
-  You can require applicants to enter a valid U.S. or Canadian Tax ID (EIN) before they can access the application form itself. The U.S. or Canadian Tax ID they enter will be validated automatically against the IRS or Canada Revenue Agency database.
-  You can prevent the applicant from continuing if their U.S. or Canadian Tax ID is not found.  

Tip: If you require applicants to provide a U.S. or Canadian Tax ID, the data received from the IRS or Canada Revenue Agency database will pre-populate the Name, Legal Name, AKA, Tax Notes, and Tax Status fields on the application form, if you have chosen to include them. For more information on adding fields to your form and setting field preferences, please see Fields Tab .  

- You can protect your application form with a global password. Only applicants you specifically invite to apply will have access to the application form.  
- You can create an eligibility quiz to determine whether the applicant's proposal will likely fall within your funding guidelines. You may choose to simply inform "failing" quiz-takers of their ineligibility, or you can bar them from accessing the application form altogether.  

Tip: If none of the security options included in the Form Design Wizard suit your needs, you can also choose not to make the application available from your website. Instead, you can provide the Internet address of your application (a "link") directly to your applicants. One way to do this is to include the link in an email message. Applicants can click on the link, and have their browser open right to the application form.