This error means one of two things:
  1. The FIMS databases are not running on the server.
    1. If no one can log into FIMS because they receive the same error, go to the desktop of the server and double click Start Live DBs.  
    2. If you still cannot log into FIMS, contact Blackbaud Support. 
    3. In addition to starting the databases, check your backup from the prior evening.  
    4. Clients using Backup Exec should have the post command set to start the databases.
    5. If they didn't start, it indicates that the backup may have failed.   
  2. A firewall is blocking the connection.  
    1. If everyone else can connect to FIMS, turn off the Windows firewall on the workstation that has the error.
    2. If no one can connect, and you have another firewall on your network, disable the Windows firewall on the FIMS server.
    3. Or, run the following command from the server after opening ports 2500 and 2501 on the firewall: for /L %i in (3000,1,5000) do netsh firewall add portopening TCP %i "Port-range %i"