CAUTION: Restoring FIMS from a backup of the NPO folder has the potential to overwrite your existing FIMS data.   It is best to have an IT person perform any restore.   Please contact Blackbaud Support with any questions before restoring your data.  
  1. Everyone must be out of FIMS during the restore process and the restore needs to be done on the server.
  2. Make sure you have the correct backup (e.g., tape, hard drive, flash drive) that you will be restoring from that has a recent copy of the NPO folder.
  3. Stop All DBs (desktop shortcut).
  4. In Admin Tools > Services, choose Stop the AdminService for OpenEdge service.
  5. Rename the current NPO folder on the hard drive to NPO-before-restore.
    1. This is the most important step so you do not overwrite your existing FIMS data          
    2. If the NPO folder will not let you rename it, unshare it and rename it.   Remember to share it again at the end when you rename it a final time.  
  6. Restore the NPO folder from the backup location to the server (share it if you are going to test from a workstation. Everyone should have full control).
  7. Log into FIMS.
If you get error when trying to log into the database from the backed up NPO folder, then most likely the NPO folder was backed up when the database files were in use. Please see the following article on best practices for backing up your data:

If you would like to put the original NPO-before-restore directory back into place so that it can be used, do the following:
  1. Stop All DBs.
  2. Delete the restored NPO folder or rename it to NPOrestore.
  3. Rename the NPO-before-restore folder to NPO (make sure this folder is shared with full control for Everyone).
  4. In Admin Tools, Services Start the AdminService for OpenEdge service (this will start the databases).
  5. Log into FIMS.