This error typically means you are having a network related issue that is disrupting the FIMS connection from your workstation to the server.   Several things to look into are:   ·         
  • Is your CAT5 (network) cable plugged securely into the back of your computer?          
  • Is your CAT5 (network) cable unobstructed?  
  • Make sure nothing is sitting on / pinching it (e.g.,a desk or chair). 
  • Is your Network experiencing any problems? 
  • Have you done anything to the server, switches, routers, or hubs on your network recently?    
  • Is anyone else in your office experiencing the prowin32.exe errors?  
When the prowin32.exe error occurs, open a DOS prompt and type in the following:
Tracert [servername] [servername] = the name of your server
Please send a screen shot of these results and one of the error to the analyst working your case.