Yes.   In fact that is advised.   We strongly suggest that you set up a simple proof of concept FieldMaker scenario so that you can test how the data types, the size of fields, the values in the combo boxes work with the reporting requirements you might have for the various pieces of information.  

Important: There is no way to move your set up from Test and Learn to the live database - we recommend that you test a subset of your FieldMaker configuration rather than the full set up, particularly if you are setting up a large number of fields.  

For example, you might choose to do a short answer field for something and after putting it on the screen and letting the users see it, they explain that they might want to cut and paste a paragraph of information into that field.   This gives you the opportunity to change it to an editor display.   You might set up a field as an integer and someone wants decimals.   When you start to do reporting on a field you might realize that setting it up as a series of combo boxes made reporting difficult, but setting it up as a series of logical boxes works better.