Typically this will mean that something has changed in the investment account reconciliations since you were last reconciling the account.   Do the following to fix this error:

1.   Go to the Reconciliation tab in FACTS.
2.   Click the binoculars or the F3 key to get to the browser.
3.   Change the Search By field to Pool if it isn't already displayed.
4.   Select the first investment account in the pool.
5.   Click on the Reconcile tab.
6.   Click on Recalculate Balances if available.   If not, just re-save the record.
7.   Confirm the ending balance for this account is correct.
8.   Click the next record navigation button on the left button bar ( the > sign).
9.   Repeat step 5 and step 6 until you have processed all the investment accounts again.
10. When finished, go to the Processes tab and run Pool Allocation Processing again.
11. Recheck the pool balance.
12. Re-run the FACTS Allocations Edit Report.

Tip: If you have only one or two investment accounts, start with step 5 and individually select the accounts for recalculating and saving.