How do I figure out what caused a variance in the FACTS to General Ledger Comparison report?

I ran the FACTS - G/L Comparison Report and it doesn't balance.  How do I figure out what went wrong??
Start with one of the funds that shows a variance on the report.
           1.  Confirm that there really is a variance.
  • Confirm that the GL balance is the same as the report.
  • Confirm that the last posted cycle plus the transactions on the investment accounts for that fund equal the value in the FACTS column.
            2.  Confirm that all FACTS journal entries for all GL years have been posted.
            3.  Run a Journal History report and select on the pool account and the fund.  Be sure to select Enable Multi-Year Reporting on the front screen.
            4.  Sort the report by journal number.
            5.  Compare this to the FACTS transaction entry listing and FACTS transaction history listing for the same fund sorted by document number.
                  Note: There will be no transaction in the FACTS reports equal to the net allocation entry.   If you edited this transaction prior to posting it, this will be a difficult one to track down.
            6.  Call FIMS support if you have completed steps 1-5 and have not found the problem.

Note: If there are opposite variances in two funds, this usually indicates a journal entry was changed before posting. If the variance at the bottom of the report is $0, this also indicates that journal entries were changed before posting.  Closer examination of the journal entries should find the manipulation.



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