The current version of FieldMaker does not have headers or dividers available.   However, there is a way to accomplish this.  For example, if you want the various donor interest toggle boxes to have a header or a fill-in instruction, do the following:
  • Create a character field with a View As of Fill-in.  
  • Since the field name isn't important, a name such as Header_1 can be used.  
  • The label might be "Donor Interests" or "Check off all the Interests for this Donor".
  • Add the field to the layout and make the actual data size as small as possible.
  • Click the field on the Layout tab, select Properties and set Read Only to Yes.  
  • This is one time you should use the Layout\Format\Properties option.  
  • This will cause the field to display, but not allow data entry.  
To create a divider, use the same process as creating a header except make the label blank and make the data entry section long and thin.  
  • Divider_1 is a good field name.