To delete a FieldMaker field, follow these steps.
  1. Click on Tools > System Utilities > FieldMaker Configuration
  2. Remove the field from the Layout tab.
  3. Select the field from the Fields list and click the Delete button on the toolbar
  4. Commit the FieldMaker changes.
Deleting a FieldMaker field that is currently being used in FIMS removes both the field and any associated data from the database.  

If you want to remove the field from the screen, but maintain its existing data, you can remove the field from the layout but leave it in the field list. The data will not be visible on the screen, but it will still be available to use in reports and data grids.

We recommend that you remove the field from the layout as a first step, before completely deleting the field.

You cannot add the data back to the database once the field is deleted and changes have been committed.