To run the 1099 Vendor Report and Forms in FIMS, follow these steps. 
  1. Go to Accounts Payable and select Reports > Vendor Listing Report selecting on (Vendor) 1099 Flag = Yes  to double check and make sure all 1099 Vendors are identified.  All 1099 Vendors should have the 1099 box checked on their Vendor record.  Although checking that box on the Vendor record is not a requirement for the 1099 Vendor Report, it acts as a default for any Vouchers added for them.  Also an accurate report is important for double checking information on the 1099 Report.
  2. Run the Vendor History Report for the appropriate time period, but do not print it since it is usually very long.  You will be using this report to review all Vouchers for each 1099 Vendor from the Vendor Listing Report to determine if they are showing up appropriately on the 1099 Report.  Use the search function at the top to find them. 
  3. Run the  1099 Vendor Report and Forms . Fill in the initial screen with the appropriate information.  The top section identifies the fiscal year you wish to run the forms for.   Should the lower limit change from the established current IRS set limit of $600, change the dollar amount in the field "1099 Lower Limit".  
  4. If you have utilized the 1099 Adjustment field on the Vendor record, check off the field box to "Include 1099 Adjustment Amounts".    
  5. The bottom section is to define your organization's Federal Id Number, Name and Address as required for the 1099 Forms, and will print on each 1099 Form.  
    • Note: This information should default in.  If not, click on Tools > System Utilities > System Initial Setup.  On the Name tab fill in your organization information.  Click OK, then rerun the report.
  6. Click OK.  
  7. Make any further selections or sorting as necessary .
  8. Click Run Report.
  9. Review the report and check it against the Vendor Listing Report and Vendor History Report.
  10. If Vouchers are missing from the 1099 Report, find them on the History tab in Accounts Payable and check the 1099 box and choose the appropriate box numbers on the line item tab.
  11. If Vouchers are on the report that should not be, find them on the History tab in Accounts Payable and uncheck the 1099 box.
  12. If you need to modify an amount, use the 1099 Adjustment field on the Vendor record to make an adjustment.
  13. If you need to clear old 1099 adjustment amounts, use the utility under AP File Maintenance to Clear 1099 Adjustment Amounts .
  14. Rerun the 1099 Vendor Report as necessary to confirm your changes.
  15. When the report is accurate, print the forms.
  • The report will print a 1099 for any posted Vendor payment that had the 1099 box selected at the Voucher level and has a box number filled in on the line item level.
  • A 1099 will also print if there is an amount in the "1099 Adjustment" field on the Vendor record and the use 1099 Adjustment field was checked during report set-up..
Note:   the 1099 check box on the Vendor record does not have to be selected for the report to run as long as the Voucher 1099 box is selected and the boxes on the line item are chosen correctly.

Note:   For Grantee related 1099's, the 1099 is issued to the Payee.   The 1099's are based on the Payee ID code used for the Grant Application.   Because it is based on the Payee ID code, it uses the Payee name.   If you retained a payee id, but modified the name and address for the check, the payee associated with the payee id will get the 1099 and not the true recipient of the payment.  See Can you print 1099s for payees that were not grantees? for some additional information.