How do I prevent the attention line from printing on a check?

We don't want the attention line to print on a check.  How can we suppress it?
Keeping the Executive Director's Name or another important contact name on your Grantee Profiles is a good practice.  But if you are like many who do not want that name to print on the ATTN: line on Grant checks, there is an easy way to prevent this. 

You can just remove the ATTN: line from check printing.   Each check style you print has a check form associated with it.  Your default check style will appear when you run the Print Check process (e.g. Check Form: @ck81004 ).  If you use more than one check style, you will need to determine the Check Form numbers.  Once you have done that, follow the instructions in the attached document.

Optionally you can remove the value from the attention field.
  Removing ATTN line on Checks.pdf

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