The Payables as of a Past Due Date report can be run on Admin, Scholarship and or Grant liabilities:

If the AP and GL modules are properly reconciled, this report gives line item detail by fund to support the payable balances in the GL.  If run with a date equal to year-end, it provides sufficient information for your audit.  This report is also used when working variances discovered in the Reconcile Subsidiary Modules with GL report.

To run this report:
  1. Select Reports > Accounts Payable > Payables as of a Past Date - Fund Detail report.
  2. Specify the 'Open Payables As Of' date. Transactions made after this date will not be included thus giving you a snapshot of the voucher on this date.
  3. Select the AP Items that you want to include on the report (e.g., All - see the list in the screenshot above)
  4. Indicate whether you want to run a Summary or Detail report.  
  5. The Detail report will have more information, including fundid, fund name and dollar amount charged to that particular fund.
  6. Click OK.  
  7. Select if you want an export or a report and click Run Report.