When you create a data grid, you have a choice for the Type field of Opt or Full.   You will see this field on the screen that appears when you click the Add button on the View tab.   

Optimized Views (Opt view):
  • Use the primary table for the module or tab  (e.g. Profile table for Profile Module, GiftHistory table for History tab in Gifts)
  • Only the primary indexes are available for sorting and searching. 
  • Loads fast
  • Used for all the default views in each module and tab that displays a data grid.
  • You cannot select on affiliation codes
  • FieldMaker fields are not available as columns

Full Views
  • Can also be a single table
  • Multiple table combinations are available
  • Can sort on any column
  • Wildcard searching is available
  • Potentially loads slower ( can take minutes)
  • Affiliation code selection is available when working with profiles
  • FieldMaker fields are available as columns and in selecting and sorting

Whenever possible,  make views Full rather than Optimized since they are more flexible.  However, remember Full views can take considerably longer to appear than Optimized views.  How long it takes depends on the number or records in the module or supertab it's in, the speed of your network, and individual workstations. 
  • Places where you are more likely to experience a Full view taking longer to appear are:
    • Profiles
    • Gift History
    • Grant History  
  • You'll need to weigh waiting a few extra seconds (or minutes) against the additional power available in a Full view to decide which one to use.    
  • For existing views where you have authority to edit the view, click on the Settings tab to change the Type. 
  • You can change an Opt to Full, but you cannot change a Full back to Opt. 
    • To do this you would need to do a Save As to create a new view that has a Type of Opt.