I deleted my row formatter in error. How do I get it back?

I meant to delete just the row record but instead I deleted the entire row formatter.  Is there any way I can get another copy of it or do I have to retype it all again?  I don't know what the different rows were made up of.
There is no automatic way to re-create or undelete a Row Format that has been deleted. However, you can try to get a report to use as a resource to aid in re-creating it.
1. Log into your Test and Learn database and see if the Row Format is there by clicking on the Design Statement tab and then the Row Format tab.
2. If you find it available, print the Row Format report for that row definition.
    To print:
           Go to the Processes tab.
           Select Row Formatter Report. ·          
           Select the desired Row Format from the drop-down and print the resulting report.
3. Use the print out as a reference to manually re-create the Row Format in your live database.

If Test & Learn does not have a copy, then it will be necessary to redo the row format using a previously executed report as a guide. Even if there is a copy in Test & Learn be aware that it might not have any recent changes you made to it in your Live database. 



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