To get to the Menu Security management:
  1. You must log into FIMS as a user that is a system administrator
  2. Tools > System Utilities > Menu Security
For example, to change which users have access to the Establish System Users item in the System Utilities menu:
  1. Once inside the Utility, Click on Tools > System Utilities > Establish Users in the menu system on the utility screen, not in the main FIMS screen
  2. In the Menu Security section (bottom left hand corner),  your menu clicking is mirrored and updates as you click on the menu above
  3. Once the menu tree in the lower left pane agrees with the setting you want, click elsewhere to stop the navigation
  4. Modify the Access Permissions box to assign who has permission to that menu item
  • Note * represents all users have access and ! represents not (so !Bill means the user Bill does not have access)